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Alphabetical Index of Lyric Files by Tune Name for
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- A A A A A -
The Aba Daba Honeymoon
- Arthur Fields/Walter Donovan
Ain't Misbehavin'
- Andy Razaf/Thomas "Fats" Waller/Harry Brooks
The Air Force Song
- Captain Robert Crawford
Alabamy Bound
- Henderson/DeSylva/Green
The Alcoholic Blues (Some Blues)
- Albert Von Tilzer/Edward Laska
Alexander's Ragtime Band
- Irving Berlin
Alligator Crawl
- Andy Razaf/Thomas "Fats" Waller
Amazing Grace
- John Newton/Edwin O. Excell
America (My Country 'Tis of Thee)
- Samuel Francis Smith
America Forever
- E.T. Paull/H.A. Freeman
America the Beautiful
- Samuel Ward/Katherine Bates
Anchors Aweigh
- Lt. Charles Zimmerman
April Showers
- Louis Silvers/B.G. DeSylva
Asleep at the Switch
- Charles Shackford
Asleep in the Deep
- H. W. Petrie/Arthur J. Lamb
Auld Lang Syne
- Traditional/Robert Burns
At A Georgia Campmeeting
- Kerry Mills
At the Codfish Ball
- Lew Pollack/Sidney Mitchell
- Vincent Rose/Al Jolson
Auto Rag
- Thomas H. Trenholm
- B B B B B -
Baby Face
- Benny Davis/Harry Akst
Baby Seals Blues
- Baby F. Seals/Artie Matthews
Barney Google
- Con Conrad/Billy Rose
The Baseball Glide
- Harry Von Tilzer/Andrew B. Sterling
Basin Street Blues
- Spencer Williams
The Battle Cry of Freedom
- George F. Root
The Battle Hymn of the Republic
- P. Simonds/J.W. Howe
Beale Street Blues
- W.C. Handy
Beautiful Flowers
- Louis J. Monico
The Beer Barrel Polka
- Vejvoda/Timm/Zeman/Lew Brown
Beneath the Spanish Moon
- Leo Bennett/Ida Simpson
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home
- Hughie Cannon
Black and Blue
- Thomas Waller/Andy Razaf
Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me
- Swanstone/McCarron/Morgan
The Burning of Rome (Explanatory)
- E.T. Paull
By the Beautiful Sea
- Harold R Atteridge/Harry Carroll
By the Light of the Silvery Moon
- Gus Edwards/Edward Madden
By the Lakes of Killarney
- Annie B. O'Shea
- C C C C C -
California, Here I Come
- Meyer/DeSylva/Jolson
Canadian Capers
- Chandler/White/Cohen/Burtnett
Carolina in the Morning
- Donaldson/Kahn
The Cat Came Back
- Harry S. Miller
Charge of the Light Brigade - Poem
- Lord Alfred Tennyson
Charge of the Light Brigade March (History)
- E.T. Paull
(The Original) Charleston
- James P. Johnson/Cecil Mack
Chili Sauce
- Harry A. Fischler
Cindy, My Black Belle, Do!
- Charles Clinton Clark
Cole 30 Flyer
- J. Lee Bowers
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean
- David Shaw and/or Thomas Becket
Come, Josephine in My Flying Machine (Up She Goes!)
- Fisher/Bryan
Crazy Rhythm
- Meyer/Kahn/Caesar
Custer's Last Charge
- E.T. Paull
- D D D D D -
Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow-Wow
- Joseph Tabrar
Dallas Blues
- Lloyd Garret/Hart A. Wand
Danny Boy
- Traditional/Fred E. Weatherly
- Johnny S. Black/Felix Bernard/Fred Fisher
The Dardanella Blues
- Johnny S. Black/Fred Fisher
Deep Henderson
- Fred Rose
Deep River
- Traditional
Der Deitcher's Dog
- Septimus Winner
Do Lord
- Anonymous
Doctor Jazz
- Walter Melrose/Joseph "King" Oliver
Down Old New England Way
- Harry S. Miller/Emily SMith
Down Where the Swanee River Flows
- Von Tilzer/McCarron/Alberte
Down Yonder
- L. Wolfe Gilbert
- E E E E E -
Egyptian Ella
- Walter Doyle
Everybody Loves My Baby
- Jack Palmer/Spencer Williams
- F F F F F -
The Field Artillery Song (Caissons)
- Major Edmumd Gruber
A Flower from Irish Soil
- Myles McCarthy
For Me and My Gal
- George W. Meyer/Edgar Leslie/E. Ray Goetz
Frankie and Johnnie (Original)
- Leighton Brothers/Ren Shields
Frankie and Johnnie (Common)
- Leighton Brothers/Ren Shields/Others
The Fountain in the Park (Strolling Through the Park)
- Ed Haley
- G G G G G -
- Paull Pratt/J. Will Callahan
Gee, But I Like Music With My Meals
- Seymour Brown/Nat D. Ayer
Get Happy
- Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler
Give My Regards to Broadway
- George M. Cohan
The Glow Worm
- Paul Lincke/Lilla Cayley Robinson
Go Down Moses (Let My People Go)
- Traditional
God Bless America
- Irving Berlin
The Gondolier (Song)
- W.C. Powell/Harry H. Williams
Grizzly Bear
- George Botsford
- H H H H H -
Hail to the Chief
- Sir Walter Scott/James Sanderson
Hannah Won't You Open The Door
- Andrew B. Sterling/Harry Von Tilzer
Hard Hearted Hannah
- Jack Yellen/Bob Bigelow/Charles Bates
- George M. Cohan
He'd Have To Get Under
- Maurice Abrahams/Grant Clarke/Edgar Leslie
He's Goin' To Hab a Hot Time Bye an' Bye
- E.T. Paull/Harry S. Miller
Hearts and Flowers
- T. Moses-Tobani/M.D. Brine
Hello, Ma Baby
- Joseph E. Howard/Ida Emerson
- Charles N. Daniels (as Neil Moret)/James O'Dea
The Home Coming March (Explanatory)
- E.T. Paull
Honeysuckle Rose
- Thomas "Fats" Waller/Andy Razaf
A Hot Time in the Old Town
- Theodore Metz/Joseph Hayden
Hurrah! For the Liberty Boys, Hurrah!
- E.T. Paull
- I  I  I  I  I -
I Don't Care
- Jean Lenox/Harry O. Sutton
I Never See Maggie Alone
- Everett Lynton/Harry Tilsley
I Sent My Wife to the Thousand Isles
- Von Tilzer/Sterling/Moran
I Want to Go to the Ball Game
- Al. W. Brown/C.P. McDonald
I Wish't I Was In Peoria
- Harry Woods/Billy Rose
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
- Howard/Orlob/Hough/Adams
I'd Give A Hundred if the Gal Was Mine
- Ben Harney
I'd Rather Go Walking with the Man I Love Than to Ride in Your Automobile
- L.E. Spencer
I'll Meet You, Love, Along the Line
- Joseph A. Gruber
I'll See You In My Dreams
- Isham Jones/Gus Kahn
I'm Certainly Living a Ragtime Life
- Robert S. Roberts/Gene Jefferson
I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover
- Harry Woods/Mort Dixon
I'm Wild about Horns on Automobiles...
- Clarence Gaskill
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad (The Levee Song)
- Traditional
I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling
- Thomas "Fats" Waller/Harry Link/Billy Rose
I've Scratched You Off Ma List
- Harry Von Tilzer/Andrew B. Sterling
The Ice Palace March - Explanatory
- E.T. Paull
If I Had You
- Irving Berlin
If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie)
- B.G. DeSylva
If You Were the Only Girl in the World
- Nat Ayer/Clifford Grey
In My Merry Oldsmobile
- Cobb/Edwards
In the Good Old Summer Time
- George Evans/Ren Shields
- Charles L. Johnson/James O'Dea
It Is Well With My Soul
- Spafford/Bliss
It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary
- Jack Judge/Harry Williams
- J J J J J -
Jingle Bells (or The One Horse Open Sleigh)
- James Pierpont
Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho (The Joshua Drag)
- Traditional
Junk Man Rag (Tyers Arrangement)
- "Luckey" Roberts
Just a Closer Walk with Thee
- Traditional
Just a Little While to Stay Here
- Eugene Monroe Bartlett
- K K K K K -
Kangaroo Hop
- Gus Kahn/Melville Morris
Keep the Home Fires Burning
- Ivor Novello/Lena Guilbert Ford
King Chanticleer
- Nat D. Ayer/Seymour Brown
Kitten on the Keys
- Zez Confrey
- L L L L L -
Lasses' Blues
- Leroy 'Lasses' White
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
- Leo Friedman/Beth Slater Whitson
Lincoln Highway
- Harry J. Lincoln/Unknown
A Little Bit of Heaven (Shure They Call It Ireland)
- Keirn Brennan/Ernest Ball
Little Black Baby
- Louise Armstrong Bristol/Scott Joplin
The Little Ford Rambled Right Along
- C.R. Foster/Byron Gay
The Little Village Church-Yard Near the Sea
- Harry Jonas
Loan Me a Nickel (or Pass Down de Centre)
- J.W. Richardson
- M M M M M -
Mamie's Blues (Number 219)
- Mamie Desdunes Dugue/Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton
Mammy's Little Dinah
- Charles Clinton Clark
Maple Leaf Rag Song
- Scott Joplin/Sydney Brown
The Marine's Hymn
- Offenbach/Traditional
- M M M M M (Cont)-
May O'Shea
- Charles Clinton Clark
Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis
- Kerry Mills
Meet Me To-night In Dreamland
- Leo Friedman/Beth Slater Whitson
Melancholy or My Melancholy Baby
- Ernie Burnett/George Norton
The Memphis Blues
- W.C. Handy
Memories of You
- J. Hubert "Eubie" Blake/Andy Razaf
- Harry D. Kerr/Mel B. Kaufman
Moonlight Bay
- Percy Wenrich/Edward Madden
Moonlight In Jungleland
- James E. Dempsey/Johann C. Schmid
- Theodore Morse
Mother Machree
- Young/Olcott/Ball
Music! Music! Music!
- Stephen Weiss/Bernie Baum
My Black Bess
- Andrew B. Sterling/Harry Von Tilzer
My Buddy
- Walter Donaldson/Gus Kahn
My Mammy
- Donaldson/Lewis/Young
My Pony Boy
- Charley O'Donnell/Bobby Heath
My Rose from Tennessee
- Harry S. Marion
My Wild Irish Rose
- Chauncy Olcott
- N N N N N -
Napleon's Last Charge (Description)
- E.T. Paull
National Emblem March
- Bagley/Levenson
New York and Coney Island Cycle March Two-Step
- E.T. Paull
Nickel in the Slot
- Zez Confrey
- Felix Arndt
- O O O O O -
The Oceana Roll
- Lucien Denni/Roger Lewis
Oh, You Beautiful Doll
- Nat D. Ayer/Seymour Brown
The Old Rugged Cross
- Pastor George Bennard
On the Mississippi
- Carrol/Fields/MacDonald
Over There
- George M. Cohan
Over There (French text)
- George M. Cohan/Louis Delamarre
The Old Piano Roll Blues
- Cy Coben
- P P P P P -
Paul Revere's Ride (Explanatory)
- E.T. Paull
Peaceful Henry
- E. Harry Kelly/Seymour Rice
Peg O' My Heart
- Alfred Bryan/Fred Fischer
Pine Apple Rag Song
- Scott Joplin/Joe Snyder
Please Let Me Sleep
- James Tim Brymn/Richard C. McPherson
Please Say You Will
- Scott Joplin
Pretty Baby
- Gus Kahn/Tony Jackson/Egbert Van Alstyne
The Pussyfoot Prance
- Jack Frost/James "Slap" White
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
- Percy Wenrich
Putting on the Ritz
- Irving Berlin
- Q Q Q Q Q -
Queen of Beauty- Waltzes
- Arther Trevelyan/Otto M. Heinzman
- R R R R R -
Ragtime Cowboy Joe
- Lewis F. Muir/Maurice Abrahms/Grant Clarke
The Ragtime Dance (Full Staged Version)
- Scott Joplin
The Real American Folk Song is a Rag
- George & Ira Gerswhin
A Real Slow Drag from Treemonisha
- Scott Joplin
Red Rose Rag
- Percy Wenrich
Red Wing - Song
- Kerry Mills/Thurland Chattaway
Ring Out Wild Bells (Poem)
- Lord Alfred Tennyson
The Roaring Volcano (Description)
- E.T. Paull
Rock-a-bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
- Schwartz/Lewis/Young
Row, Row, Row
- James V. Monaco/William Jerome
Royal Garden Blues
- Clarence Williams/Spencer Williams
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
- Robert May/Johnny Marks
- S S S S S -
Sahara (We'll Soon Be Dry Like You)
- Schwartz/Bryan
St. James Infirmary Blues
- Traditional/Primrose
Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay
- George Botsford
Saint Louis Blues
- W.C. Handy
- Ernest L. Ball
Santa Claus is Comin' To Town
- J. Fred Coots
School Days
- Will D. Cobb/Gus Edwards
Second Hand Rose
- Grant Clarke/James F. Hanley
Semper Paratus (Always Ready)
- Capt. F.S. Van Boskerck
- Traditional
Sheridan's Ride (Explanatory)
- E.T. Paull
Shine On, Harvest Moon
- Nora Bayes-Norworth/Jack Norworth
The Sidewalk Blues
- "Jelly Roll" Morton/Walter Melrose
The Sidewalks of New York
- James Blake/Charles Lawlor
Silver Sleigh Bells (Explanatory)
- E.T. Paull
Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers
- H.E. Darewski/R.P.Weston
The Skeleton Rag
- Percy Wenrich
Sleigh Ride
- Leroy Anderson/Mitchell Parish
Slow Drag Dance Instructions
- Scott Joplin
Snookey Ookums
- Irving Berlin
Song of Freedom
- Franz Wald/Florence Jones
Sonny Boy
- Henderson/DeSylva/Brown/Jolson
Some of These Days
- Shelton Brooks
Somebody Stole My Gal
- Leo Wood
Someone to Watch Over Me
- George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin
The Spaniard That Blighted My Life
- Billy Merson
The Stars and Stripes Forever
- John Philip Sousa
The Star Spangled Banner
- Francis Scott Key
The Storm King (Introduction)
- E.T. Paull
The Stranger's Story
- E.T. Paull
The Streets of Cairo
- James Thornton
The Streets of New York
- Henry Blossom/Victor Herbert
Strolling 'long the Pike
- Harry Bennet/Felix F. Feist
- Zez Confrey
- George Gershwin/Irving Caesar
Sweet Georgia Brown
- Maceo Pinkard/Ken Casey
Sweet Rosie O'Grady
- Maude Nugent
Sweet Substitute
- Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
- Wallis Willis
- T T T T T -
Tain't No Sin (To Dance Around in Your Bones)
- Walter Donaldson/Edgar Leslie
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
- Albert Von Tilzer/Jack Norworth
Temptation Rag
- Louis Weslyn/Henry Lodge
That Auto Ought to Go
- Luella Lockwood Moore
That Baseball Rag
- Clarence Jones/Dave Wolff
- Ray Gilbert/Lew Pollack
That's What the Red, White and Blue Means
- Bagley/Levenson
They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dawg Aroun'
- Cy. Perkins/Webb M. Oungst
The Thompson Street Cadets
- Charles Shackford
Tin Roof Blues
- Paul Mares/Ben Pollack/Mel Stitzel/Brunies/Roppolo/Melrose
- Spencer Williams
- Léo Daniderff/Bertal-Maubon/E. Ronn
Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's An Irish Lullaby)
- James Royce Shannon
Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goo'bye
- Kahn/Erdman/Russo
Top of the World (Back Cover)
- E.T. Paull/Maurice Richmond
12th Street Rag Song
- Euday L. Bowman
- U U U U U -
Uncle Jasper's Jubilee
- E.T. Paull
Under the Bamboo Tree
- Bob Cole
Up on the Housetop
- Benjamin Russell Hanby
Up-Stairs and Down
- Walter Donaldson/Sam M. Lewis/Joe Young
- V V V V V -
The Vamp
- Byron Gay
Vildkatten (Wild Cat)
- Gerhard Jacobzon
- W W W W W -
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee
- Muir/Gilbert
We'll Stand By the Flag
- Paull/Freeman
What Might Have Been
- Castell Brydges
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
- Ernest Ball/Chauncy Olcott/George Graff Jr.
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
- P.S. Gilmore (as Louis Lambert)
When That Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam'
- Irving Berlin
When You Want 'Em You Can't Get 'Em
- George Gershwin/Murray Roth
When Your Hair is Like the Snow
- Joplin/Spendthrift
Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday on Saturday Night
- Meyer/Lewis/Young
When Ragtime Rosie Ragged The Rosary
- Lewis F. Muir/Edgar Leslie
When You Want 'Em, You Can't Get 'Em...
- George Gershwin/Murray Roth
Whoa January (You're Going to Be Worse Than July)
- Andrew Sterling/Harry Von Tilzer
Wild Cherries
- Irving Berlin/Ted Snyder
Winter Wonderland
- Dick Smith/Felix Bernard
- X X X X X -
- Y Y Y Y Y -
Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula
- E. Ray Goetz/Joe Young/Pete Wendling
Yankee Doodle
- Dr. Richard Schackburg
The Yankee Doodle Boy
- George M. Cohan
Yellow Dog Blues
- W.C. Handy
Yes Sir, That's My Baby
- Gus Kahn/Walter Donaldson
You Made Me Love You
- James Monaco/Joe McCarthy
You're A Grand Old Flag
- George M. Cohan
You're My Baby
- Nat D. Ayer/Seymour Brown
You've Got To See Mamma Every Night
- Con Conrad/Billy Rose
- Z Z Z Z Z -

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The Ragtime Webring-Dedicated to Scott Joplin and the music of the Ragtime Era, this ring is an invaluable resource for jazz music lovers, musicians and historians. Sheet music, midi files, afro-american history, record collectors...

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Glenn Jenks Sue Keller Fats Waller
The Good Time Jazz Catalog and Bill's personal favorites, The Firehouse Five+2!

And don't miss these movies which include some ragtime music:
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Alexander's Ragtime Band Scott Joplin
The Legend of 1900 Ragtime
For Me and My Gal Meet Me In St. Louis
In the Good Old Summertime Take Me Out to the Ball Game
The Jolson Story Jolson Sings Again
Cheaper by the Dozen San Francisco
Somewhere in Time Titanic (1953)
The Other Pretty Baby
42nd Street Reds
The Son of Kong Story of Vernon and Irene Castle
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How To Dance Through Time - Dances of the Ragtime Era

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