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Established:June 1997
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print excel Ragtime and Honky-Tonk of the 1950s and 1960s - Discography by Album Title Updated 11/23/2016
Album TitleArtist(s)Pseudonym(s)LabelCatalogYearSizeModeGenre
12 Great Hits in RagtimeJo Ann Castle Dot Records (Ranwood)DLP-3433/25433 (R-8012)196112"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
12 Ragtime Greats (or Hits)Johnny Maddox HamiltonHLP-115/12115196412"StereoRagtime Piano
20 Honky Tonk Party HitsDavid Huntsman SummitSRA-250576 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
20 More Honky Tonk Party HitsDavid Huntsman SummitSRA-250577 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
22 of the Greatest Ragtime HitsJo Ann Castle Ranwood7007-2 (2 LPs)197712"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
22 Ragtime Hits Volume 2Jo Ann Castle Ranwood7013-2 (2 LPs)197812"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
24 Honky Tonk Piano SelectionsUnknownBlotto Otto and RhythmAcorn Records631 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
26 Non Stop Sing Along Honky TonkLou Busch, Johnny Maddox, Jo Ann Castle, Del Wood, Charlie Young K-Tel RecordsNU-423197112"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
40 All Time Honky Tonk HitsWarren Carr Summit/Cachet RecordsSRA 398006/ CA-10101963?12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
A Saloonful of Honky TonkJimmy White RCA CamdenCAL/CAS-2176 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
A Tavern in the TownBobby Allen Music for PleasureMFP-A9098 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Accordion in Hi FiJo Ann Castle Roulette RecordsR-25022195912"MonoSpace-Age Pop
After 1309 HoursPaul Eakins (Mechanical) Audio FidelityAFSD-6212196812"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
After Hours PianoBurt Bales Good Time JazzL-19195312"MonoRagtime Piano
Alley CatBengt Fabricius-BjerreBent FabricAtco Records (Atlantic)33-148196212"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Alley Cat and Other Piano Roll FavoritesJohnny Maddox PickwickSPC-3097 12"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
America's Number One SpeakeasyMickie Finn DunhillD-50009 12"MonoEnsemble Ragtime
Anti Pianissimo (a.k.a. Handful of Rags)Gaby RogersDigits MalloyPhilips NLP-10809-R195410"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Are You From DixieDel Wood Chart RecordsCHS-1041197012"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Around the World in Eighty TunesWinifred Atwell Decca RecordsSKL-4012 12"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
At the Golden NuggetUnknownShamus O'GouldPickwickSDLP-42 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Authentic Ragtime Piano 1898-1909Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-100195210"MonoRagtime Piano
Back Room PianoFrankie Froeba (and his Back Room Boys)Frank FrobaDecca RecordsDL-5043 10"MonoEnsemble Ragtime
Bar Room Piano (And I Never Took a Lesson in My Life)Frankie FroebaFrank FrobaABCABC-108195612"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Bar Room PianoLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsH-280195110"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Bar Room PianoLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsT-280195412"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Barrel House PianoUnknownBarrel Fingers BarryCrownCLP-5556/ CST-556196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Barrel House PianoUnknownCrazy GuyCrownCLP-5160/ CST-188 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
BarrelhouseMoe Wechsler Roulette Records (Forum)R-25002 (F-9002) 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Barroom Golden FavoritesTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757407196212"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Beer Barrel PianoUnknownBarrel Fingers BarryCrownCLP-5447/ CST-447196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Beer Garden Piano/Swings the ClassicsUnknownBarrel Fingers BarryCrownCLP-5482/ CST-482196412"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Best Little Honky Tonk In TownJo Ann Castle Silver EagleSE-1020198912"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
The Best of Old Time PianoEdward J. Rafferty"Rags" RaffertyCabot Music CorpC-201 (Double) 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Big Hits in RagtimeTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleBalboa2020 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Big Tiny Little's Music of the 20sTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleBrunswickBL-757057195912"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Big Tiny Little's Music of the 30sTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757366196012"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Big Tiny Little's Music of the 40sTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757445196312"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Big Tiny Little's Singing Honky TonkTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757335196012"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Big Tiny's Little Black BookTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757356196012"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Black and White MagicWinifred Atwell Decca RecordsLF-1108 10"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Black and White Magic Vol. 2Winifred Atwell Decca RecordsLF-1155 10"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Black and White RagWinifred Atwell Decca Records6454009 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
The Black and White Rag (1899-1918)Lou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsST-11303197412"MonoRagtime Piano
Brassy PianoLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrWarner BrothersWBS-1456196112"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Bridey O'Toole and Her Singin' LadsUnknownBridey O'TooleGrand Award33-345195712"MonoOld-Time Songs
Bring On the Honky Tonk PianoFrankie FroebaFrank FrobaABCABC/ABCS-199195712"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Buggies, Bustles and Barrelhouse PianoDel Wood RCA VictorLPM/LSP-2240196012"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Burt Bales & His Ragtime PianoBurt Bales Good Time JazzEP-100619517"MonoRagtime Piano
Cakewalk to Lindy HopWally Rose, Clancy Hayes Columbia RecordsCL-782195612"MonoRagtime Piano
Christmas with Big Tiny LittleTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757391196112"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Class of '25Lou Busch, Pee Wee HuntJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsT-935195712"MonoEnsemble Ragtime
Crazy and MarchingFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor45-052 10"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Crazy OttoFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoDecca RecordsDL-8113195112"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Crazy Otto BeatFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor249-025 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Crazy Otto Goes SentimentalFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoVocalion3663 12"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Crazy Otto PianoJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3289/25289196012"StereoRagtime Piano
Crazy Otto Rides AgainFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoDecca RecordsDL-8163195112"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Crazy Otto's Back in TownFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoDecca RecordsDL-8627195512"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Crazy Otto's Hit ParadeFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor2371-120 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Crazy Otto's Ragtime BandFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor2371-539 12"StereoEnsemble Ragtime
Crazy Otto's Ragtime Band Vol. 2Fritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor2489-537 12"StereoEnsemble Ragtime
Crazy Otto's Ragtime Band Vol. 3Fritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor2371-725 12"StereoEnsemble Ragtime
Del Wood FavoritesDel Wood Republic900195210"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Del Wood Plays Berlin and CohanDel Wood Republic901195210"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Dixieland BluesJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3131/25131195912"StereoRagtime Piano
Double Seven: Seven Rags and Seven BoogiesWinifred Atwell Decca RecordsLKM-4166 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Down YonderDel Wood RCA VictorLPM-1129195512"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Downtown With Jerry WhiteJerry White Lauver RecordsSLP-10001196912"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Echoes of Bar RoomEddie Miller Plymouth157 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Everybody's Welcome at Mrs. Mills' PartyGladys MillsMrs. MillsParlophonePSCO-3049196?12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Explosive Honky TonkUnknownKnuckles O'ReillyDiplomat2271 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Fantastic, Honky Tonk Player Barroom PianoPaul Eakins (Mechanical) Audio FidelityAFSD-5985196212"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
The Father of Honky TonkJohn Gordy"Poppa" John GordyRCA CamdenCAL/CAS-862 12"StereoAdaptive Ragtime
FavouritesFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor45-519 10"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Fingers and the FlapperLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsST-1151195812"StereoAdaptive Ragtime
Five by Five: Five Rags and Five BoogiesWinifred Atwell Decca RecordsLF-1294 10"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Flivvers, Flappers and Fox TrotsDel Wood RCA VictorLPM/LSP-2203196012"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Focus on Charlie KunzCharlie Kunz Decca RecordsFOS-35/36 12"MonoOld-Time Songs
Frankie Froba FrolicsFrankie FroebaFrank FrobaABCABC/ABCS-278195912"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Giant Hits of the Small CombosLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrWarner BrothersWBS-1406196012"StereoEnsemble Ragtime
Gloves McGinty Plays Honky TonkAl McLeodGloves McGintyLondon RecordsEB-54 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Good Time PianoFrankie FroebaFrank FrobaDecca RecordsDL-5260 10"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Grandma Merrill Plays Honky TonkBlanche MerrillGrandma MerrillTop Rank InternationalRM-334/RS-634196012"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Great Marches and WaltzesJohnny Maddox HamiltonHLP-150/12150196512"StereoAdaptive Ragtime
Great Ragtime HitsSteve Allen Dot RecordsDLP-3560/25560196312"StereoEnsemble Ragtime
Hail, Hail, The Gangs All Here!!UnknownFrank "88" MaloneSomerset RecordsS/SF-227 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Handful of Rags (a.k.a. Anti Pianissimo)Gaby RogersDigits MalloyPhilips AUP-10809-R195410"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Happy Honky TonkUnknownHerr Harry HonkBASFLP 1084 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Happy Honky-Tonk PianoTrevor (Terry) H. StanfordRuss ConwayCub RecordsCLP-8005195912"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Happy Jack and the Bar Room Boys play 50 Piano Party HitsJack Varney W&GWG-5679 12"StereoOld-Time Songs
Happy PianoFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor46-053 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
The Happy Piano of Mrs. MillerUnknownMrs. MillerRainbowRPG-7209 12"SterooHonky-Tonk Piano
Have Piano Will TravelFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoDecca RecordsDL-4157 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Hawaiian RagtimeJo Ann Castle Dot Records (Ranwood)DLP-25635 (R-8041)196812"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Here's Big Tiny LittleTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleVocalionVL-73796 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Hey Louie! Play Melancholy BabyLou Stein MusicorMS-3057 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Hits of the '60sLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrDot RecordsDLP-25715196612"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
The Hits of Joe "Fingers" CarrLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsT/DST-2019196312"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky TonkFred Burton"The Old Professor"Promenade2118 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky TonkUnknownFingers FinniganRegentMG-6037 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk and Ragtime PianoDick HymanPuddin' Head Smith (Knuckles O'Toole)Waldorf Music HallMH-33-1202195912"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk and Ragtime PianoDick HymanPuddin' Head Smith (Knuckles O'Toole)Waldorf Music HallMHK-33-1402195912"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk and Ragtime Piano Volume 2Billy RowlandPuddin' Head Smith (Knuckles O'Toole)Waldorf Music HallMH-33-1233195712"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk ClassicsUnknownHappy O'HallihanAllegroALL-733 12"MonoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Honky Tonk FavoritesUnknown"Ace" O'DonnellTops RecordsL-1566195712"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Hits by the DozenFrankie Carle RCA VictorLSP-2491 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk HootenannyTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757448196312"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Honky Tonk in PercussionUnknownPappy HanahanPickwickKS-161 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PercussionFred Burton"The Old Professor"SpinoramaS-8 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PercussionUnknown Pirouette RecordsRFM-8 12"StereoHonky Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoBilly Maxted BrunswickBL-58052 10"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoBilly RowlandKeyboard Kingston (Knuckles O'Toole)Waldorf Record Company33-SA-2195512"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoBilly Rowland"Knuckles" O'TooleWaldorf Music HallMH-33-119195510"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoBilly Rowland/Dick Hyman"Knuckles" O'TooleGrand Award33-314195512"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoDick HymanDanny Morgan (and His Play Boys) (Knuckles O'Toole)ColortoneC-33-4909195912"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoDick Hyman"Rip" Chord (Knuckles O'Toole)Audition33-5931195812"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoEddie BarnesEddie "Pianola" BarnesAudio FidelityAFLP-1827195612"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoEddie Miller PalacePST-669 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoEddie MillerEddie "Piano" MillerBuckingham RecordsM-663 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoDecca RecordsDL-8737195612"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoLew RaymondLew "Ace" RaymondTops RecordsL-936195510"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoLou Stein MercuryMG-20159195612"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano The Stein WayLou Stein MercuryMG-20364195812"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoLou Stein MercurySR-60054 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoMickey Finn, Tiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCrescentGNPS-22127197912"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoMoe Wechsler Roulette RecordsSR-25069 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoPete Handy Mercury20344195712"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoRed Phillips HurrahH-1013 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleBrunswickBL-757049195912"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknown"Ace" O'DonnellTops RecordsL-1509195712"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknownArchibald Muscelfingers Jr.TimeS-2135 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknownArchibald MusclefingersTimeTY-327 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknownCrazy FritzCoronetCX/CXS-40 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknownCrazy GuyCrownCLP-5037195712"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknownBarrel Fingers BarryCrownCLP-5462/ CST-462196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknown"Fingers" MahoneyRivieraR-0050/ STR-050195912"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknownHap O'HallihanBravoK/KS-108 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknownJoe "Fingers" O'ShayGolden ToneC/SE-14009 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknownJoe "Knuckles" O'LearyCraftsmenC-8009 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknownKnuckle Fingers JoeCustomCS-1025 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknownPiano PeteHiFi17008 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknownPiano PeteModernMST-808 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknownRagtime Cowboy MoeHudson220196012"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoUnknown"Thumbs Tubby"Ultraphonic50230 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano (2)Billy Rowland"Knuckles" O'TooleWaldorf Music HallMH-33-139195510"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano and a Hot BanjoLou Stein, John Cali MercuryMG-20469/ SR-6015195912"StereoEnsemble Ragtime
Honky Tonk Piano FavoritesUnknownBeethoven BenWyncoteSW-9157196712"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano ManBob Mills ARC RecordsA 621 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano ManMaurice Bolyer ARC RecordsA 500 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano PartyNick Nicholas Contour2870-137 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano Party 1Nick Nicholas Contour2870-360 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano Party 2Nick Nicholas Contour2870-166 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano Volume 2Billy Rowland"Knuckles" O'TooleGrand Award33-324195612"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano Volume 2UnknownCrazy GuyCrownCLP-5089/ CST-120195812"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano Volume 3Dick Hyman"Knuckles" O'TooleGrand Award33-355195812"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano Volume 3Dick Hyman"Knuckles" O'TooleGrand AwardGA-204195812"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano Volume 3UnknownCrazy GuyCrownCLP-5229/ CST-239196112"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk Piano Volume 4Dick Hyman"Knuckles" O'TooleGrand Award33-365195912"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
The Honky Tonk Sounds of the Million SellersTil Dieterle United ArtistsUAS-6154 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonkin'Charlie McPheeDigits McPheeSociety/ARCSOC-910 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonkin'Eddie Miller PalacePST-617 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonkin'Jerry White Monument RecordsSM-14004196112"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonkin'UnknownBarrel Fingers BarryCrownCLP-5502/ CST-502196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonkin'UnknownMitch O'LearyAltoneALP-203 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonkin'Wally Rose Columbia RecordsCL-2535195310"MonoRagtime Piano
Honky Tonkin' with Eddie MillerEddie Miller MastersealMSLP-5011195712"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk at the Northwoods InnGeorge Aubry Northwoods InnUnknown196?12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk HitsLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsEAP-1-41719517"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk in Hi-FiUnknownUnknownWestminsterWP-6033 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk PianoDel Wood RCA CamdenCAL/CAS-684196312"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk PianoFrankie Carle RCA VictorLPM-1188195612"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk PianoFrankie Carle RCA VictorLPM-26195110"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk PianoLou Busch, Ray Turner, Marvin Ash Capitol RecordsH-188195010"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk PianoLou Busch, Ray Turner, Marvin Ash Capitol RecordsT-188195412"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky Tonk PianoLou LafebvreLou LafaveParagonALS-135 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk PianoUnknown"Spats" HalloranCelebrityUT-157 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk PianoUnknown"Spats" HalloranKentK-204 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk Piano (Sounds from a Bordello in HiFi)Nelson-Wiggins Orchestrion HiFiR/SR-802195712"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk Piano FavoritesEddie Miller Rainbow704 10"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk Piano Volume 2Frankie Carle RCA VictorLPM-3080195310"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk SpecialMartin Gale and His Old-Timers Avon-Guard MusicBVL-008 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Honky-Tonk Street ParadeLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsT-809195612"MonoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Hot, Happy and HonkyDel Wood RCA VictorLPM-1437195712"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf CloverJo Ann Castle PickwickSPC-3171 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
In a London PubFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor2418-027 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
In PersonTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757390196112"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
It's Honky Tonk TimeDel Wood RCA CamdenCAL/CAS-796196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
It's Honky-Tonk TimeMartin Gale and His Old-Timers W&GWG 25/2544 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
It's Party TimeGladys MillsMrs. MillsDrum/EMI/Parlophonedrum-8164196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
It's RagtimeWinifred Atwell RCA InternationalS-5119197512"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Jo Ann Castle and Her Ragtime PianoJo Ann Castle PickwickPTP-2015 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Jo Ann Castle Plays Great Million SellersJo Ann Castle Dot Records (Ranwood)DLP-3574/25574 (R-8012)196312"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Joe "Fingers" CarrLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrPoint Records271 12"StereoRagtime Piano
Joe "Fingers" Carr and his Ragtime BandLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsH-443195310"MonoEnsemble Ragtime
Joe "Fingers" Carr and his Ragtime BandLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsT-443195412"MonoEnsemble Ragtime
Joe "Fingers" Carr and his Ragtime Band: At the Fireman's BallLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsH-527195410"MonoEnsemble Ragtime
Joe "Fingers" Carr and his Ragtime Band: At the Fireman's BallLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsT-527195412"MonoEnsemble Ragtime
Joe "Fingers" Carr and his Swingin' String BandLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsST-1217195812"StereoSpace-Age Pop
Joe "Fingers" Carr and the Bluegrass Jug BandLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrDot RecordsDLP-25767196612"StereoEnsemble Ragtime
Joe "Fingers" Carr Goes ContinentalLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsT-1000195712"MonoSpace-Age Pop
Joe "Fingers" Carr Plays the ClassicsLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsT-649195512"MonoAdaptive Ragtime
Joe "Fingers" Carr Plays Zambezi and The Young Bulls of PamplonaLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrDot RecordsDLP-25705196212"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Johnny Maddox (2)Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-101195310"MonoRagtime Piano
Johnny Maddox (3)Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-102195310"MonoRagtime Piano
Johnny Maddox (4)Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-103195310"MonoRagtime Piano
Johnny Maddox PlaysJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3005195612"MonoAdaptive Ragtime
Johnny Maddox Plays More Million Dollar SellersJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3314/25314196012"StereoAdaptive Ragtime
Johnny Maddox Plays the Million SellersJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-25122195912"StereoAdaptive Ragtime
Johnny Maddox Plays the Million SellersJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3122195812"MonoAdaptive Ragtime
Johnny Maddox Plays the Million Sellers Volume 3Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3549/25549196312"StereoAdaptive Ragtime
King of RagtimeJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3044195712"MonoRagtime Piano
Kitten on the KeysRay Turner Capitol RecordsH-306195310"MonoRagtime Piano
"Knuckles" O'Toole Goes South of the BorderBilly Rowland"Knuckles" O'TooleGrand Award33-342195612"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
"Knuckles" O'Toole Goes South of the BorderBilly Rowland"Knuckles" O'TooleWaldorf Music HallMH-33-164195510"MonoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
"Knuckles" O'Toole Goes to ParisBilly Rowland"Knuckles" O'TooleGrand Award33-337195612"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
"Knuckles" O'Toole Goes to ParisBilly Rowland"Knuckles" O'TooleWaldorf Music HallMH-33-158195510"MonoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
"Knuckles" O'Toole Plays the Greatest All Time Ragtime HitsDick Hyman"Knuckles" O'TooleGrand AwardGA-209195812"StereoRagtime Piano
Lawrence Welk's Ragtime Piano GalJo Ann Castle Dot Records (Ranwood)DLP-3249/25249 (R-8011)196012"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Lil' Ole Me and My PianoWarren Carr CalendarR66-711962?12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Linda's Player PianoPaul Eakins (Mechanical) Audio FidelityAFSD-1846195612"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Little LandTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757386196112"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Live at the Cloud 9 LoungeDave Hoy MarathonMMS-E 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
The Longest Piano in TownUnknown"Garters" GradyColumbia RecordsCL/CS-1994196312"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
The Madam's PianoPaul Eakins (Mechanical) Audio FidelityAFSD-6202196812"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Make It a PartyWinifred Atwell Decca RecordsLKA-7514 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Make Room for TinyTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleBrunswickBL-757030195712"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Marvin AshMarvin Ash Jump RecordsJL-4195110"MonoRagtime Piano
Marvin Ash: Ragtime PianoMarvin Ash Jazz ManLJ-335195410"MonoRagtime Piano
The Mickie Finn ThemeUnknownThe RagtimersRCA CamdenCAL/CAS-2100 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Mickey Finn's MusicMickey Finn CrescentGNPS-2121 12"StereoEnsemble Ragtime
Mississippi ShowboatDel Wood RCA VictorLPM/LSP-2091195912"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Mister Honky TonkJimmy White RCA CamdenCAL/CAS-770 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Mister Piano ManEddie Miller RCA VictorLPM-3055195310"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Mister RagtimeLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsT-760195612"MonoRagtime Piano
Mood Music for Beer and PretzelsLou Stein (and his Bar Room Boys) MasterSealMS-14 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
More Black and White MagicWinifred Atwell Decca RecordsACL-1070 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
More Crazy OttoFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor37562 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
More from the Gay 90's VillagePaul Eakins (Mechanical) Audio FidelityAFSD-6138196512"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
More Honky Tonk PianoUnknownCrazy FritzCoronetCX/CXS-80 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
More Ragtime TwentiesJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3645/25645196512"StereoRagtime Piano
Most of Big Tiny LittleTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757494196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Movin' OnTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757425196312"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Mr. Honky TonkEddie Miller CelebrityLP-202 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Mr. New Orleans Meets Mr. Honky TonkTiny Little, Pete Fountain"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757334 12"StereoEnsemble Ragtime
Mr. Piano PersonalityTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757461196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Mr. Ragtime GlobetrotterLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrDICO1302 12"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Mr. Ragtime Meets Mr. Honky TonkLou Busch, Tiny LittleJoe "Fingers" Carr, "Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757444 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Mrs. Mills' PartyGladys MillsMrs. MillsParlophonePSCO-3074196?12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Mrs. Mills Plays the Roaring TwentiesGladys MillsMrs. MillsParlophonePSCO-3030196?12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Music for AnytimeGladys MillsMrs. MillsParlophonePSCO-3070196?12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
The Music of Jelly Roll Morton, Volume 1Wally Rose, Turk Murphy Columbia RecordsCL-6323195410"MonoRagtime Piano
The Music of Jelly Roll Morton, Volume 2Wally Rose, Turk Murphy Columbia RecordsCL-6324195410"MonoRagtime Piano
The Music of Jelly Roll Morton (Vol. 1 + 2)Wally Rose, Turk Murphy Columbia RecordsCL-559195410"MonoRagtime Piano
The Musical KeyboardsBuddy Russel, Jerry AltesThe Musical KeyboardsEpicLN-3249 12"MonoSpace-Age Pop
My Old FlamesJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3067195712"MonoAdaptive Ragtime
Near YouJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3334/25334196012"StereoAdaptive Ragtime
New Orleans at MidnightMarvin Ash Decca RecordsDL-8346195612"MonoEnsemble Ragtime
Nickel MusicPaul Eakins (Mechanical) Audio FidelityAFSD-5960196212"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
A Night at Poppa John'sJohn Gordy"Poppa" John GordyRCA VictorLPM-1424 12"MonoAdaptive Ragtime
Not So Crazy OttoFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoDecca RecordsDL-8370195312"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
The Now Sound of Mickie Finn'sMickie Finn Dunhill (ABC)DS-50024196812"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Oh Willie Play That ThingBill Krenz MGM RecordsE-184195210"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Oh You KidLou Busch, Dorothy ProvineJoe "Fingers" CarrWarner BrothersWBS-1466196112"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Oh You KidSammy Spear Jubilee/Festiva RecordsFL-31-312 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Old Fashioned LoveJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3198/25198195912"StereoRagtime Piano
Old Songs Are the Good Songs Played on Honky-Tonk PianoUnknown"Crazy-Fingers" MoeRCA CamdenCAL/CAS-756 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Old Time Music Hall SongsCharlie Kunz Decca RecordsLKA-4131 12"MonoOld-Time Songs
Old Time PianoFrankie FroebaFrank FrobaDecca RecordsDL-5048 10"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Old Time PianoFrankie FroebaFrank FrobaDecca RecordsDL-8593 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Old-Time Piano PlayingUnknown"Thumbs Tubby"Ultraphonic50279 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
OldtimersFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor45-512 10"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Pack Up Your TroublesCarl Tapscott Singers RCA VictorLCP/LCPS-1077196412"StereoOld Time Songs
Pack Up Your TroublesTrevor (Terry) H. StanfordRuss ConwayColumbia33SX-1120195812"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Parlor PianoFrankie Froeba (and his Back Room Boys)Frank FrobaDecca RecordsDL-5372 10"MonoEnsemble Ragtime
Parlor PianoLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsT-698195512"MonoOld-Time Songs
Paul Lingle At the PianoPaul Lingle Good Time JazzL-13195210"MonoRagtime Piano
Pee Wee and "Fingers"Lou Busch, Pee Wee HuntJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsT-783195612"MonoEnsemble Ragtime
Percussion and Piano Honky TonkMike di Napoli DirectionalDS-5005 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Percussive Honky TonkUnknownHappy O'HallihanInternational161 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Phantom Foley Plays Piano RollsUnknown (Mechanical)Phantom FoleyPickwickSPC-3014 12"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Piano Party FavoritesUnknownBeethoven BenCameoC-1042 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Piano RagsLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsEAP-1-49719537"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Piano Roll BluesDel Wood MercuryMG-20804/ SR-60804196312"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Piano Roll BluesJan August MercuryMG-20147195612"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Piano Roll GreatsJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsPAS-2-1029 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
The Piano Roll Music of Phantom Foley Plus TwoUnknown (Mechanical)Phantom FoleyPickwickDCF-1035 12"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Piano Roll PartyUnknownJoe "Knuckles" O'LearyCraftsmenC-8055 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Pianola Pete and His Honky Tonk Rag Pickers Vol. 1Ted AulettaPianola PeteTreasureTLP-801 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Pianola Pete and His Honky Tonk Rag Pickers Vol. 2Ted AulettaPianola PeteTreasureTLP-805 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Player Piano Hits of the 60'sUnknownFrank "88" MaloneAllshire RecordsSF-5109 12"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Player Piano PartyUnknown (Mechanical)Gulbransen PianoConcert RecordingCR-M061 12"StereoAdaptive Ragtime
Plays George M. CohanMickie Finn DunhillDS-50041 12"StereoEnsemble Ragtime
Poppa John Gordy's Ragtime PianoJohn Gordy"Poppa" John GordyRCA VictorLPM-1060 12"MonoAdaptive Ragtime
Put Another Nickel InUnknown (Mechanical) TelmakTMAK-012 12"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Queen of Honky TonkWinifred Atwell Decca RecordsDQY-862001 10"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Queen of the Ragtime PianoJo Ann Castle Dot Records (Ranwood)DLP-3579/25799 (R-8070)196312"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Raggin' the BluesJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3621/25621196512"StereoRagtime Piano
Rags to RichesDel Wood RCA VictorLPM/LSP-1633195712"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Ragtime By RequestJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3633/25633196512"StereoRagtime Piano
Ragtime ClassicsWally Rose Good Time JazzGTJ-L-3195310"MonoRagtime Piano
Ragtime Classics (Redux)Wally Rose Good Time JazzL-12024/ S-10034195812"StereoRagtime Piano
Ragtime DuetsJohnny Maddox, Glenn Rowell Dot RecordsDLP-3521/25520196312"StereoRagtime Piano
Ragtime FavoritesDel Wood Republic902195310"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Ragtime Favorites Volume 1Del Wood Tennessee400195110"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Ragtime Goes InternationalDel Wood MercuryMG-20713/ SR-60713196212"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Ragtime Goes South of the BorderDel Wood MercuryMG-20678/ SR-60678196212"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Ragtime in Latin TimeEddie Miller MastersealMS-178 12"MonoAdaptive Ragtime
Ragtime MelodiesJo Ann Castle HamiltonHLP-126/12126196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Ragtime MelodiesJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3000195512"MonoRagtime Piano
Ragtime MemoriesJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3724/25724196612"StereoRagtime Piano
Ragtime Piano (2)Dick HymanWillie "The Rock" KnoxWaldorf Music HallMH-33-168195610"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Ragtime PianoDick HymanWillie "The Rock" KnoxWaldorf Music HallMH-33-147195510"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Ragtime PianoDick HymanWillie "The Rock" KnoxGrand Award33-329195612"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Ragtime PianoUnknownBarrel Fingers BarryCrownCLP-5513/ CST-513196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Ragtime PianoUnknownRip ChordBritoneLP-1001 10"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Ragtime Piano 1917-1918Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3108195812"MonoRagtime Piano
Ragtime Piano ManJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3739/25739196612"StereoRagtime Piano
Ragtime Piano MasterpiecesWally Rose Columbia RecordsCL-6260195310"MonoRagtime Piano
Ragtime Piano No. 1Gaby RogersDigits MalloyPhilips421701-PE19547"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Ragtime TwentiesJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3493/25493196312"StereoAdaptive Ragtime
Ricky Tic Plays Ricky TicUnknownRicky TicBarbary Coast RecordsBC-33021 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
The Riotous Raucous Red Hot 20'sLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrWarner BrothersWBS-1423196012"StereoAdaptive Ragtime
Roll Out the PianoDel Wood MercuryMG-20978/ SR-60978196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Rough-House PianoLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsH-345195110"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Rough-House PianoLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrCapitol RecordsT-345195412"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Sabre DanceJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3378/25378196112"StereoAdaptive Ragtime
Saloon FavoritesLou Stein MercuryMG-20271/ SR-60022195712"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Salute to the Jazz AgeJohnny Maddox ParagonSG-103 12"StereoAdaptive Ragtime
Salvos From a SaloonCharlie Young EpicBN-584 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Second Hand RoseJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3817/25817196712"StereoRagtime Piano
Sing a Song with "Knuckles" O'Toole and His Gang: Volume 1Dick Hyman"Knuckles" O'TooleGrand Award33-398195912"MonoOld-Time Songs
Sing a Song with "Knuckles" O'Toole and His Gang: Volume 1Dick Hyman"Knuckles" O'TooleGrand AwardGA-235195912"StereoOld-Time Songs
Sing a Song with "Knuckles" O'Toole and His Gang: Volume 2Dick Hyman"Knuckles" O'TooleGrand Award33-408195912"MonoOld-Time Songs
Sing a Song with "Knuckles" O'Toole and His Gang: Volume 2Dick Hyman"Knuckles" O'TooleGrand AwardGA-240195912"StereoOld-Time Songs
Sing Along with the Honky-TonksUnknown Somerset RecordsSF-113 12"StereoOld-Time Songs
Sing Around the Piano with Lou SteinLou Stein Coral RecordsCRL-57201 12"MonoOld-Time Songs
Slugger Ryan plays Honky Tonk PianoDick HymanSlugger RyanJudsonJ-3015195912"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Slugger Ryan plays Honky Tonk Music for Little RascalsDick HymanSlugger RyanRiverside1426195912"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Songs Everybody KnowsTiny Little"Big" Tiny LittleCoral RecordsCRL-757412196212"StereoOld-Time Songs
Sounds of Crazy OttoFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor236-205196312"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
Sweethearts on ParadeFrank Petty MGM RecordsE-188195310"MonoEnsemble Ragtime
Sweethearts On ParadeFrank Petty MGM RecordsE-3407195612"MonoEnsemble Ragtime
Tap Dance RhythmsJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3008195612"MonoRagtime Piano
That Good Old Piano RollUnknownFreddie "Fingers" O'LearyTops RecordsL-1674195912"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
That Honky Tonk PianoFrank Petty (w/Trio) LionL-70065195812"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
There's a Tavern in the TownDel Wood VocalionVL-36006/ VL-73609195512"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
They Call Me CrazyFritz Schulz-ReichelCrazy OttoPolydor46402 12"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
They Tore My Playhouse DownBurt Bales, Paul Lingle Good Time JazzL-12025195512"MonoRagtime Piano
The Thirties in RagtimeJohnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3063195712"MonoAdaptive Ragtime
Those Were the DaysJo Ann Castle RanwoodR-8043196812"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Tiger Rag - Jo Ann Castle and Her Wild PianoJo Ann Castle PickwickSPC-3109196812"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Together for the Last TimeLou Busch, Alvino ReyJoe "Fingers" Carr/Ira IronstringsWarner BrothersWBS-1389195912"StereoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Tres MoutardeJohnny Maddox ParagonSG-102 12"StereoRagtime Piano
TV FavoritesJo Ann Castle HamiltonHLP-165/12165196612"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Up Right, Low Down and Honky TonkDel Wood Columbia RecordsCS-9339196612"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
What a Wonderful PartyGladys MillsMrs. MillsDrum/EMI/Parlophonedrum-8103196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
White LightningJerry White Monument RecordsSLP-18016196412"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
Winifred AtwellWinifred Atwell PyeGGL-0251 12"MonoAdaptive Honky-Tonk
Winifred Atwell Plays Fifty All Time HitsWinifred Atwell Decca RecordsLKA-4229 12"MonoHonky-Tonk Piano
The World's Greatest Piano PlayerLou BuschJoe "Fingers" CarrWarner BrothersWBS-1386195912"StereoRagtime Piano
Worlds Greatest Piano Rolls (Volume 1)Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3321/25321196012"StereoRagtime Piano
World's Greatest Piano Rolls Volume 2Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3476/25476196212"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
World's Greatest Piano Rolls Volume 3Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3477/25477196212"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
World's Greatest Piano Rolls Volume 4Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3478/25478196212"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
World's Greatest Piano Rolls Volume 5Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3720/25720196612"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
World's Greatest Piano Rolls Volume 6Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3721/25721196612"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
World's Greatest Piano Rolls Volume 7Johnny Maddox Dot RecordsDLP-3722/25722196612"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano
The Yellow Rose of TexasJo Ann Castle RanwoodR-8063196912"StereoHonky-Tonk Piano